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Cyber Hymnal
Jesus Video - watch it online
Live 365 - music (lots to chose from)
One Place - ministries/live radio


Bible Gateway - lookup a passage or search by word in these popular bible versions NIV, NKJV, KJV, NASB, RSV, NLT, YLT, WE, Darby, and more. Also check out the Audio Bible and Virtual Christianity's - Online Bible References

Bible Study Tools - Interlinear Bible, Commentaries, Condordances, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Lexicons, Pastor Resources, Church and Biblical History - An essential site for deep spiritual and biblical study.  This is one of the most complete set of bible study tools that you will find on-line.

Masters in Divinity - A thorough collection of helpful links regarding Bible Study, Religious Study, Philosophy & Theological Studies, Old & New Testament Studies, Early Christianity, Archeology and Sacred Texts. This site also provides links for Twitter references, Biblical Infographics and some popular Android & iPad Apps for Scripture Study.

Free Bible Commentary - This site provides commentaries in several different formats (text, audio & video) by Dr. Bob Utley, Professor of Hermeneutics.

Catholic Encyclopedia - An extensive guide of definitions to Catholic topics, history and Catholic doctrine (not only for the Catholic).

Jewish Encyclopedia - An important historical guide and great help in understanding Jewish values and Jewish tradition (not only for the Jew).

Internet Sacred-Texts Archive - An incredible library of sacred texts from around the world (texts covering much more than just Christianity).

Islam, Christianity & Judaism - Exhaustive Glossary of Islam, Christianity & Judaism, Allah, Who is he?, The Gnostic Society Library, Septuagint - Study of Jewish history and other religious beliefs is sometimes helpful in understanding specific passages of the bible.

Palestine (the land of Canaan) - The fighting continues because Israel failed to "completely drive out the inhabitants of the land" Learn more about Palestinian history and events from the Palestinian side.

Mystery Babylon Revealed - The People and Their Apostasies, Origins of Easter, Origins of Christmas, Christmass-the Pagan Holiday, Christmas Traditions, December 25 Celebrations, When was Jesus born? - What are the ideas and legends behind the gods of Babylon, and the origins of Easter and Christmas?

Apocrypha - A collection of early Christian texts, similar in style and content to the books of the New Testament but which are not accepted as the inspired word of God

Fox's Book of Martyrs - An exhaustive account of those martyred for the cause of Jesus Christ. This is a very interesting history of those mentioned in the bible - and many others.

The Ecole Initiative - A list of bible study links and links to study early church history.

Literary Resources on the Net - English and American literary accounts including some biblical resources and mythology.

This site was put together in hopes of helping you strengthen and enhance your Christian walk through encouraging features and a thorough bible study resource guide to enlighten your study of the Bible and Christianity.

I do not endorse or an affiliated with any specific denomination. The link to the Catholic and Jewish Encyclopedias does not necessarily mean I am or even support the Catholic Religion or Jewish Belief. Please test anything you read with the written Word of God (Acts 17:11, 1 John 4:1).

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