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Academic Resources

Boys & Girls Clubs or America - Scouts
Daily Grammar - learn a new word every day
High School Hub - Academic resources for high school students
Homework Helper - links to sites that can help with homework
Kid's Click! - Librarians web search for kids
Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources - how to cite your internet sources in a bibliography
Story Sparker - helps K-6 students come up with ideas
Yahooligans - Kid's Search Site

Books / Literature

Bartleby.com - search for ebooks and more
Book Browser - Contains reading lists by author, title or genre
Christian Book - Christian books, gifts
Short Stories - Library of short stories

Complaints / Gripe Sites

Give-a-hint - send an anonymous email to someone who has problems
Planet Feedback - write and track official complaint letters
The Complaint Station.com - hints on successful complaining

Electronics / Cellular / GPS

DirectPC - satellite dish for internet connection
Wherify - GPS, personal protection gear

Encyclopedias / Dictionary

Atomica - free downloadable program that covers everything
Britannica - Online Encyclopedia
Dictionary.com - One of the most extensive online dictionaries
Fact Monster's Almanac Search - get answers to Almanac type questions
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - Look up words - a list comes up if you misspell it
Protonic - submit a question, get an answer in 24 hours
World Almanac for Kids - online world almanac
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Webopedia - online dictionary

Financial / Money

Converter - Foreign Exchange Currency Converter
Credit Reporting Agencies - Info from the FDIC (how to get your free annual credit report)
CreditScore - Online Guide To Credit Repair
Counting Money - Teaching Kids How To Count Money
Financial Consumer Agency - Teaching children & teens about money and other similar topics
Forbes 400
Get Pay Back - Articles on internet scams/prevention, identity theft/prevention, tips for getting your credit back and business ethics
History of Money - Information and links explaining the history of money and the role it has in our current economy, stock market & future
How to Build and Maintain Your Credit - How credit works, how to get credit reports and how to maintain them
Math, Money and financial resources - Here are a bunch of links to help you learn how to manage money wisely through fun games and activities
Smart Money
Stock Prices
Student's Guide to the Credit Card - Good advice from a Credt Card processing company
Turbo Tax for the web - figure your taxes for free

Find people / addresses

AnyWho - lookup names from telephone numbers
Area codes - search for area codes
Yahoo people
ZIP Codes - search for zip codes

Genealogy / Statistics

Ancestry.com (family tree) - Start your own family tree for free
Best DNA Test for Ancestry - an interesting site that provides reviews and information about DNA test kits
City Data - statistical data from any city in the US
Family Search

General / Everything Sites

Consumer Reports
How Stuff Works

Government Sites

CIA's World Factbook
Electoral College - how it works
Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Protection Center
Federal Trade Commission - Report mousetraps and other Web Scams
FirstGov - Links to 20,000 Government Sites
Free Patents Online - Free Patent Searching Sites
HR Block - refund estimation tool & special tips
FBI's 10 Most Wanted List
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Microsoft's Money Central - latest tax news and tax tips
Military.com - Locate military personnel
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
National Security Institute
Recalls - Automotive
State Tax Forms
Turbo Tax for the web - figure your taxes for free
US Patent and Trademark Office
Whitehouse - Quizzes, Historical tour, press briefings and radio addresses

Greeting Cards

American Greetings
Blue Mountain Arts
Canva - design your own card, choose from many templates, even upload your own images
Cross Daily Cards
Hallmark Cards
Jesus Answers Postcards
USA Greetings

Health / Medical

Fitness Heaven - holistic approach to personal well-being
Madison K-12 Phy-Ed
Net Fit - 200+ exercises, tests to see how fit you are, etc.
Stafford fitness links
Yahoo Health Fitness


American Museum of Natural History
Biography of America - our nation's history
Chinese history
FDR Library - records of the past with documents, photos and multimedia
History Channel - plug in your birthday and see what happened that day
Holocaust Survivors - personal photos and stories
Library of Congress - history in several categories
Shoah Visual History Foundation
Valentine's Day - history of Valentine's Day

Internet / E-mail / Voicemail

Anonymizer - Web based utility to strip out personal info while you surf
Callwave - Internet answering machine & web conferencing software
Despammed.com - site that blocks unwanted emails
Earthlink's StarTrek.net - Internet access and email in a Star Trek theme
Evoice - A phone system that automatically answers every call and routes it to your office, cell phone, home - or any number
Freedom Internet Privacy Suite - Software utility to strip out personal info while you surf
Freedom List - search for no-cost internet service providers
Hacker Whacker - have your connection analyzed for system access vulnerability
Get Pay Back - Articles on internet scams/prevention, identity theft/prevention, tips for getting your credit back and business ethics
Internet Call Manager - manage your phone calls when you're online
Leak Test - have your connection analyzed for system access vulnerability
McAffee - Antivirus protection
N2H2 - Blocks sites hijacked by pornographers
NetNanny - Parental filtering software
Network Solutions - can reveal domain names, registrant and contact info from an IP address
NetZero - A No-cost Internet Service provider
Opera - A fast full-featured web browser
Privacy.net - sample analysis of what your browser reveals to the internet and others
ProtectYourIncome.com - Protect Yourself on the Internet: computer fraud, scams, and identity theft
QNX Software - A Windows-like OS that fits on a single floppy
Security: How to Hide My IP Address - 6 ways to hide your IP address and keep your connection encrypted
Security: VPN vs Proxy - major differences in versatility and security
Shields Up! - have your connection analyzed for system access vulnerability
Sneakemail - Email service that disguises your address
SpamCop - What's being done to elude SPAM
Special Databases - How to Protect Yourself From Email Fraud
Symantech - Norton's Antivirus and more
ZDnet/topics/hoax - reports of hoaxes and hoax sites

Ink Jet Cartridges / Toner Cartridges

123inkjets.com - Good deals on ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits, free shipping in the continental US
eink2go.com - The cheapest prices on ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits, shipping is $6 per order
ink4less.com - Good deals on ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges, copier toner and more, free shipping for orders of $50 or more
inkcartridges.com - Great deals on ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits, free shipping in the continental US
tylermartin - Good deals on ink jet cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits, shipping is $6 per order

Legal Advice / questions

Ask Auntie Nolo - Common sense legal questions
US Code - Cornell's Legal Information Institute


Christianity Today - Christian Magazine
CSMonitor - Christian Science Monitor
The Register - Online Tech magazine
USA Today

Martial Arts

Kung fu
Norris Family Films
Tai ji quan

Movie Sites / DVD

Internet Movie Database
Movie Mistakes

Music Sites / mp3

CD Clubs - BMG Music, Columbia House, CDNow, (SEARCH all the clubs)
E-Music - pay per download
Integrity Music
MP3 converters
Music City
Music Rebellion - pay per download
Real media
Spoon Audio Guide - Covers ?'s about making audio files, MP3's, CD's, etc.

Radio Sites / listening

Live365 - Extensive selection of online music (many categories)
One Place - Ministry messages / Live Christian radio online
Sonicplace - Urban Gospel / Praise / Pop/Rock / Southern Gospel
Yahoo Radio

Science / Outer Space

Animal Game - pick an animal and the computer tries to guess it
Animal Planet Zoo - national zoo
Bad Fads museum
Children's Museum of Indianapolis - many different fun spots
Degree Confluence Project - photo of every latitude and longitude
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Light exhibition - at Vangogh Museum
Lunar Photographs - Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas
Mars Exploration - View pictures and the latest information
Met Museum of Art - View more than 3500 digital images or tour "Explore & Learn"
National Geographic/noah's flood - Evidence of Noah's Flood
Ontario Science Center - many fun and interactive spots
Science Fair Central - instructions for students, teachers and parents
Science Master - News, links, pictures and other science information
Smithsonian's American Art Museum - Helios (american photography)
Visible Earth - Satellite's view of various geographical areas

Search Engines / Meta Search

All4One - Uses all the metasearch engines
IXQuick - possibly the most powerful metasearch engine
Profusion - connects you to more than 1000 info sources
YoYsearch - a web portal with ten types of search


Classic Industries - Catalog for 1947-99 GM Trucks
CNET Shopper
JC Whitney
MSN Microsoft Network
Popular Link
RocketCash - Kids shop with money put in by family members


Beliefnet - multi-faith spirituality portal
Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
Christian Book - Christian books, gifts
Christianity Today - Christian Magazine
CSMonitor - Christian Science Monitor
Daily Guideposts - Daily thoughts and devotionals
Gospelcom - other ministries, bible search
Ishaah - inspirational personal page
Jesus Answers - many links for christian study
Liturgy of the Hours - the richest prayer resource of the Christian Church
Pew Internet & American Life
Pluralism - The nations's religious diversity
Presidential Prayer Team
Seek God - many LINKS to other sites


HR Block - refund estimation tool & special tips
Microsoft's Money Central - latest tax news and tax tips
State Tax Forms
Turbo Tax for the web - figure your taxes for free


Cheapfares.com - Good if you're traveling on a whim (7am-midnight) or can be rejected
Cheap-Hotels-Airline-Tickets.com - Find flights on all major airlines / excellent travel info resource
Expedia - Most comprehensive list of search options
Hotwire - Gives you a price but not a precise schedule or carrier until you buy
Priceline - Choose a date (6am-10pm) but not easy to change dates or times after you've agreed
Orbitz - Options somewhat limited but is very straightforward
Travelocity - Offers some of the clearest, easiest and most comprehensive choices

TV / Satellite

DirectPC - homepage
DirectTV - homepage
Dish Network - homepage
How Stuff Works - how satellite internet works
Hughes - Satellite Internet (DirectPC)
StarBand - Satellite Internet (Dish Network)
Tachyon - Satellite Internet
WildBlue - Satellite Internet